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Name of Association


Article 1: Name of Association


Article 2: Association's Center

Association is located in Istanbul.

Article 3: Objectives of the Association

The purpose of the Association; exhibition stands, product stand, stage design for the company presentation, fashion shows, festivals, design of the concert areas, show room, to get together all legal entities for  cultural exhibits and museum exhibit design in the field ,introduce to the community, identify the company’s rights and authorization, protect these rights, identify the sectoral problems and provide solutions, designate common policies, undertake activities within the sector for intended raising awareness, increasing design and manufacturing quality standards to help ensure maximum satisfaction by customers, to strengthen communication and cooperation between colleagues, to monitor developments related to the sector in the world, industry and society, designed to ensure that qualified products offered relevant institutions / organizations and producer and consumer, is to work at customer level.

Article 4:   Sustainable work subjects and formats to perform the aim

Association actualizes the following activities to accomplish its aim.

4.1.     To do cultural gatherings, seminars, film shows, exhibitions and fairs, sessions, trips related to vocational training, courses and organizes competitions for to build relationships with the people that outside or inside the industry.

4.2.     To facilitate cooperation possibilities and provides space for to meet membership with related persons, establishes social and cultural facilities or let others they are operating,  dinner meetings, concerts, dance, theater, exhibitions, sports, excursions and organizes fun activities.

4.3.     Through exhibitions and publications introduces high-quality design,  supports ,In this way, both industry professionals as well as  is the awareness of firms engaged in work related to the topic.

4.4.  Publish Newspapers, magazines as definite or indefinite for the purpose and set up the web site.

4.5.   Built relations with the schools that give education for related to the visual arts industrial product designer, interior designer, architect, printmaker and stage designer and thus in the future provide the students adjustment  fairs, to operate in the fields of product and exhibition design and necessary studies, research, surveys and make arrangements, gives scholarships, internships, and provide job opportunities, gives scholarships and internships to the students in need who are studying in this field.

4.6.   Makes studies that will help to solve the problems in their own fields.

4.7.     For to take advantage of the members and interested persons, establishes documentation and information center accordance with the requirements and develops; to work for take advantage from all kind of audio-visual publications.

4.8.   Determines the minimum standards and provides execution according to the type of contract for legal entities and exhibition-stand designers and provide them to take back their professional activities fees.

4.9.  In the line with all of these studies, come together with the offer fair service companies and enter into cooperation both design and implementation issues. Protect its sectorial quality standard as a member or accredited and create its own accreditation system. May collaborate with the other national or international agencies (legal persons, associations, foundations, chambers, federations, unions, etc) and also may be a member of some associations and federations and beside these it may be built a foundation or association.

4.10.   Create a protection board regarding to copyrights for design and law to protect the design firms rights that arising from intellectual property rights thus provide to apply the legislation of law, also fixes the deficiencies in practice and operate some works that provide legal arrangements. Offer some proposals the person concerned and collaborate with the various law offices to support them with sanctions.

4.11. Makes advocacy when arose legal regulations, restrictions trends and unfair aggressions against industry also has the necessary initiatives, beside this, to protect its members’ common interests through legal means, open case to represent them 

4.12.   To connect with certain standards of the promotional and merchandising firms’ competitive conditions, create criteria and ensures compliance with them.

4.13.   Members who are its own structure, introduces them to the industry and society.

4.14.   To perform association aims, buy all kinds of real estate and inventory items.

4.15.   To accomplish this object, sets up and operates economic enterprises.

4.16.   Help Collection Act and with the relevant legislation, in accordance with the provisions of regulation, collect donations, accepts last will and testament as conditional and unconditional.

 4.17.   Carrying international nature or associations, foundations that has been operating in other countries and make cooperates with other organizations and can become a member that allowed by Turkish law legislation.

4.18.   The Association which has an affinity with the aim and areas not prohibited by law, to perform a common goal with other associations or foundations, trade unions and other civil society organizations, can create a platform and carry out joint projects with the decision of the Board of Directors of the Association.

4.19.   Do agreements with some of the related industries which are needed for members on behalf of its members and also create units for to give free or paid serve.

4.20.   Merchandising and design of exhibition stands as an element of competition is provided to take place in industrial and trade policies.