Article 5: Members of the Association

There are four types of members of the Association:

  1. Master Member 
  2. Prospective Member
  3. Honorary Member
  4. Honor Member

Article 6: Master Membership Terms

The legal entities which have the following qualifications can be permanent member to the association:

6.1.    Have to certify that it operates regarding exhibitions and stand design in Turkey or foreign countries at least one year.

6.2.   Shown activity that stated at the section-The aim of  association- the company's mainly business segment .

6.3.     To be appropriate in design of the originality and quality criteria. By accepting to abide Copyright and design rights in advance and not to have any civil or criminal provisions regarding rape violation to the copyright and design rights.

6.4.  To be shown as a reference from a Permanent member of the General Assembly.

6.5.    To have a portofolio which certifies its proficiency in design. To have enough domestic and abroad experience in previous year of the application date year (quality, perfromed amount of work, m2 (sqm) - number -turnover),   domestic and abroad experience, in terms of authenticity,  due to his earlier projects regarding his work quality, did not meet any negative thing. )

6.6.    To employ a team at least one personnel within the company who is graduated from the industrial product design, interior design, graphic arts, architecture or stage design branches

6.7.   With all of the above qualities of a legal person, main contract, copy of tax certificate, legal person concerning the election of the incumbent Board of Directors, a photocopy of the trade registry gazette, association of legal entities to represent a person's, determined the establishment of joint decision, two photographs of the person who will be represented legal person, residence certificate, copy of birth certificate, detailed curriculum vitae of the legal person that adopt goals and objectives, also indicating that to undertake to pay membership fee and refer with a petition to the association adding in a written reference.

6.8.     The legal person’s rights-gained because of his-her membership-can be used by his-her representative. This representative can be a member of the Board of Director or partner of the legal person. The legal person can change his-her representative anytime he-she wants. When representative is changed by the legal person, all tasks of the representative where he-she undertook at the association- is end too.   

6.9.     Legal entities with the above criteria, can apply for permanent membership. This application will be announced at the association’s headquarters for 15 days period from the date of application. If the memberships of the association offer a letter with evidence regarding the person who is nominate for the permanent membership-where are mentioned on above- he-she is not fulfill of the membership-terms. (This letter is not has a feature for Binding on the Board of Directors)  Board of Directors is free for being received the persons to the memberships even though he-she has completed above criteria. However, within 30 days, the result must be notified as positive or negative with a letter.  

Article 7: Prospective membership Terms

The legal person who has fulfilled a large part of terms for be a permanent membership, but he couldn’t fulfill some of these terms, can be a membership with the decision of the Board Of Directors. The annual membership fee for prospective members will be the half ratio of the permanent members’ annual fees. Prospective members can join all activities that the permanent members are participated and take part at the meetings. But they cannot take some missions and they cannot give vote. If the candidate fulfill all terms for being a permanent membership, can be a permanent member by the board of director decision.

Article 8: Honorary Membership Terms

The real and legal persons can be honorary members who have one of the following qualifications to the Association by decision of Board of Director.

  • Have academic career and will be able to contribute to the association,
  • National or international organizations that have been able to do cooperation or their managers,
  • Honorary members are paying dues depends on their wishes,

 Also participated in the meeting and have right to speak but they cannot have rights for voting and take any task.

Article 9: Honorary Membership Terms

Each ordinary meeting of the General Assembly, for 2 years and limited to 6 people, that can contribute to the association - may be inside or outside of the industry sector, these persons can be Turkish or foreign natural persons upon the proposal of the Board of Directors, can be selected as honorary member with the General Assembly resolution. Also participated in the meeting and have right to speak but they cannot have rights for voting and take any task.

Article 10: Resigning From Membership

Those who have reported the request in writing can resign from the membership. No member shall be compelled to remain or leave in the ASSOCIATION. Leavers are responsible for payments up to date of leaving. If the leaver wants to member again, 6th, 7th and 8th agents account shall be taken again.

Article 11: Self-Termination of Membership

The persons who have lost their qualities where are stated in laws and regulation, have been automatically end. This situation will be determined by the Board of Directors and announced to concerned person. 

Article 12: Removing from Membership

If there are any of the following situations, membership registration with the decision of the Board of Directors will be deleted.

12.1. If the member doesn’t pay his-her payments and even if take a warning  note for this and still doesn’t pay (if the member doesn’t pay annual fee this will be caused to remove the member from the Association.

12.2. Acting contrary to the purpose of the Association, managers take the hassle of duties, professional ethics, attitudes and behaviors found in violation of the rules, the association to comply with the decisions taken by the bodies.