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Relations With Fair Organizers and Fairground Owners Commission; Provides the coordination of the companies hosting fairs and marketing activities, and association members and their customers.  It makes contributions and perform works to create norms which are applied in European Union and International platforms for the indispensible elements of fair and presentation organizations such as logistics, work safety,  fire safety, structural safety, service quality etc.



Relations With Supporter and Supplier Commission; Develop the business forms of supporter and supplier companies offering production and service, which assume to be the solution partners in performing the works of Association members they undertake; and perform reviews, assessments and studies to create more systematic working conditions for both the association members and suppliers.



Relations With Official and Semi-Official Institutions Commission; Cooperates with institutions and organizations such as Governmental institutions, nongovernmental organizations related with the sector, trade bodies, universities organizes etc., and organizes relations between the association and such institutions/organizations



Fund Raising Commission; Creates financial resources to implement the Association's objectives and performs works that will create financial advantages for association members in commercial activities.



PR / Publicity / Sales- Marketing Commission; Executes the publicity, public relations and marketing activities of the Association.  It performs works that will provide the esteem, reliability of the Association and thus its members and set the sector as model, and announces these to public, suppliers and customers.  It follows up the companies which are active in the same sector and has potential to be a member of the Association, and performs encouraging works for membership.



Education and Consultancy Services Commission; Provides training on topics of enhancing the business quality and improving efficiency for all institutions/organizations which are active in the sector as Employer, Supplier, Organizer and Contractor; and performs consultancy works.  It provides knowledge and experience sharing among association members, performs supportive works on topics of conforming to international standards, business quality, capacity and effectiveness.  Enlightens the employers on importance/value of design, cost, quality and process topics.  Directs the suppliers in parallel to needs of the association members.  Aids and supports the self-development of the companies, which have potential to be a member in the future.